Heritage & decorative Timber Products

We sell a complete range of heritage and decorative timber products. From Victorian style to old Colonial and Federation, post war period, contemporary and art and deco style, our heritage timber products will suit any type of home or project.

Timber Verandah Posts

We sell a range of heritage and decorative timber verandah posts. Our range of verandah posts will suit any heritage, period style or modern home. 

Architraves & Skirtings

We offer the most cost effective matching service under 150 lineal metres in Australia. We pride ourselves on quality.

Custom Made Designs

We have a free comprehensive matching service. We can create any type of heritage or decorative timber product to suit the design of your home.


1 in 3 houses are attacked by white ants. Our products are LOSP treated which allows us to provide a 25 year guarantee on all external LOSP h3 treated pine products which are above ground. All you need to do is follow our care + painting instructions and we will be there for you.

Our Other Brands